Training Systems

Reallaer develops training systems: curricula, classes, content and delivery systems. Our training solutions effectively prepare personnel for duty. We focus on experiential learning with delivery systems that reduce training cost. Reallaer leverages rich multimedia capabilities to create training impact.

Requirements Development
& Testing

Reallaer imbues customers with knowledge and skills to identify deceit and elicit information through proven interview and interrogation techniques.

Case Study

Reallaer prototyped Department of Homeland Security (DHS), law enforcement, and training courses for the Department of Defense (DoD) to educate personnel on indicators of deception or hostile intent.




Augmented Reality
Training Sessions

Reallear improves the effectiveness of training programs through the use of augmented and virtual reality systems. Using sophisticated systems integration, Reallaer's solutions are used for training in situations requiring the highest levels of coordination and communication with diverse types of established and real-time data.

Case Study

Reallaer performs IV&V on stand-alone weapons simulator training systems modified to connect via a network. This networked simulation relied on expensive and expansive computing platforms. Reallaer mapped out the essential communication requirements for tactical combined arms operations and focused the simulator software on the networked training scenario which emphasized tactical coordination, efficient communication through phraseology and tactics, techniques and procedures. By doing so, the systems were able to be reported to laptop computers which significantly increased usability, portability and affordability.