Video Augmentation for
Situational Awareness

Reallaer applies augmented reality to enhance real and situational awareness. Reallaer fully develops interactive mapping, geo-registered video systems, streaming or recorded video with significant displays of graphical or textual meta-data to deliver a cohesive, comprehensive view of any given situation.

Mobile Augmented

Reallaer's integrated mobile solutions provide augmented reality on-the-go. Integrating geo-registered graphic overlays with live video and events, and interactive mission logging, Reallaer's solutions can provide enhanced real-time situational awareness as well as detailed mission planning and review.

Case Study

Reallaer has developed an enhanced tactical situational awareness system for military vehicles. Vehicle crews use the system to record geo-referenced video, audio, and events during missions, while allowing geo-referenced graphical overlays to be displayed on both moving maps and live video.



Close Target
Reconnaissance Tool

Designed for forensic analysis, Reallaer's close target reconnaissance tools integrate video and audio recording with time synchronized data overlays and map data. These tools give customers capability for deliberate or expedient route planning.

Case Study

Reallaer engineered the TacViz™ system to provide a means to discreetly collect geo-registered video from vehicles/vessels along with audio and event mark metadata. Operational use demonstrated the effectiveness of the compact TacViz™ system in recording motion imagery of targets, through checkpoints, and from installations in vehicles.