About Our Company

Agile, Practical, Innovative

Our History and Our Future

Reallaer was founded in 2002 to provide quality engineering, consulting, design, and development services to our government and commercial clients. Our first clients included the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) where we excelled in providing deployed prototypes to the warfighter. Reallaer has successfully conducted research and development in the fields of computer vision, video analytics, time-correlated sensor fusion, mobile situational awareness and geospatial video technologies.

Reallaer has evolved into a diversified high-technology research and engineering company that offers a broad range of expertise. Our current solutions include mobile technologies such as iOS and web technologies like the Django framework. Our analysis and integration services grow in the field of developer operations, continuing to scale tried and true approaches to the modern landscape of cloud computing.

Our Expertise

IOS App Development

Our mobile platform of choice due to its ease of development and speed of acquisition

Amazon Web Services

We are proud to leverage the latest AWS technology when practical, having been using AWS since S3 and the Elastic Compute Cloud rolled out in 2006

Django Web Applications

The Django Framework and Python provides us the right mix of reliability and development power that our web applications require

Docker Containers

With so many disparate environments that require accreditations, containerization has been key in removing many hurdles

.NET Applications

C#/.NET was used for many of our earliest applications, and continues to be our thick client language of choice


We have a long history in leveraging machine learning for our solutions, from collecting training data to integrating and implementing our own classifiers